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Dune Acres

Expert Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Near Dune Acres, IN

Dune Acres, IN, sits on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Located in Porter County and home to several hundred Hoosiers, this lakefront community is known across the Region for its natural beauty and serenity. It’s nestled in the Indiana Dunes National Park and sits near the Cowels Bog Trail. In addition to the beautiful Dunes, Dune Acres sits between the Boaters and Porter Beaches, providing plenty of access to wavy Lake Michigan. 

Beyond outdoor adventures and natural beauty, Dune Acres is close to everything a family or business could need. Dune Acres sits between Beverly Shores, Burns Harbor and Porter, making it an ideal community to settle down in. It’s also a short hour-long drive from downtown Chicago, providing even more opportunities for careers and adventures. Residents can also drive a short trip south to Porter and Chesterton for fine dining at Gastro 49 Pub & Eatery, Joe’s Downtown Tacos or Wagner’s Ribs. But the real draw with Dune Acres is its endless outdoor beauty. When folks in Dune Acres need civil engineering and land surveying, they contact Great Lakes Engineering.

Ensure the Best for Your Dune Acres Civil Engineering Project

GLE has proudly served Northwest Indiana for over 20 years. As a premier civil engineering firm, we manage all aspects of engineering design, construction and maintenance to ensure structurally sound, boundary-respecting and code-meeting structures. The expert GLE team brings an expansive portfolio of experience in all aspects of development. Our experiences encompass civil engineering, traffic engineering, utility planning and engineering, and construction services. Our land surveying is especially important in communities like Dune Acres, where much of the area is unincorporated or public property. 

We work with a variety of clients, including: 

  • State, county and local governments, typically for public buildings, roads and easements 
  • Contractors who need land surveying and additional support 
  • Utility companies looking for boundaries and utility placement support
  • Engineers, architects and developers
  • Lawyers defending folks involved in land disputes
  • Accountants organizing financials for new construction and builds
  • Private individuals and families involved in land disputes, new home constructions, new land purchases and more

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of land surveying and civil engineering. We can identify land and property boundaries with our platted survey using advanced GIS technology. We also provide construction layouts, elevation certificates, right-of-way certificates and topographical surveys. Our civil engineering services have also been used for residential subdivisions, septic systems, industrial site planning and more. Our expansive portfolio demonstrates our commitment to high-quality, functional work.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Professional Civil Engineering Services

When working on new construction, utilities, bridges, sewer systems and more, civil engineering is crucial to ensuring a structurally sound project. Intentional, high-quality civil engineering protects the health and safety of everyone involved. Fortunately, the experts at GLE have decades of experience with land surveying and civil engineering. Contact us today to get started with professional, friendly, expert civil engineers.