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Hobart, Indiana

Hobart, Indiana Confidently Chooses Great Lakes Engineering

Hobart, Indiana is a city located in Lake County with a population of around 28,000 people. The city is known for its affordable housing, excellent schools, and numerous parks and recreational opportunities. Hobart also boasts a thriving business community, with a mix of large corporations and small locally owned businesses. The city has a diverse economy, with industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. Many businesses have chosen to locate in Hobart due to its strategic location, easy access to transportation networks, and a skilled workforce. 

Living in Hobart, Indiana provides residents with a high quality of life and ample opportunities to work and do business in a thriving community. This is why Great Lakes Engineering takes pride in offering top-notch civil engineering and land surveying services to Hobart, Indiana.

Maximize the Potential of Your Land with GLE’s Custom Land Surveying Solutions

Great Lakes Engineering offers a range of land surveying services to meet the diverse needs of their clients in Hobart, Indiana.


ALTA surveys are a specialized type of survey that are typically used for commercial properties. These surveys provide detailed information about the property’s boundaries, easements, zoning requirements, and other important features that can impact the value and use of the property.


Construction layout is another key service offered by Great Lakes Engineering. This involves marking out the precise locations of buildings, roads, and other infrastructure on a construction site based on detailed design plans.


Platted surveys and survey location reports are two additional land surveying services offered by Great Lakes Engineering. A platted survey is a detailed map of a specific parcel of land that shows all of the physical and legal features of the property, such as boundaries, easements, and encroachments. Survey location reports, on the other hand, are used to verify the location of a property’s improvements relative to its boundaries. 


Great Lakes Engineering’s experienced surveyors have the knowledge and expertise to provide clients with accurate and reliable platted surveys and survey location reports that can help them make informed decisions about their properties.

Get Accurate and Reliable Land Surveying Services in Hobart, Indiana - Choose Great Lakes Engineering Today!

Hobart, Indiana chooses Great Lakes Engineering for our civil engineering and land surveying and for our company’s dedication to delivering top-quality services that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. If you’re ready to get your project started, call us at 219-762-3559 or fill out our contact form.