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LaPorte County

Top-Tier Licensed Land Surveying in LaPorte County

LaPorte County, Indiana is home to many historic buildings like the Barker Mansion and the Orr House. The people of LaPorte County are constantly creating new pieces of history to leave behind for future generations. La Porte, Michigan City, Long Beach, Westville, Rolling Prairie, and Kingsford Heights have trusted Great Lakes Engineering to provide land surveying and civil engineering services for residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial sites, planned unit developments, and more. Great Lakes Engineering provides the professional and accurate surveying services that LaPorte County needs to continue developing its history. 

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Plat of Surveys & Residential Surveys in LaPorte County

When looking to identify and define boundaries of an existing plot of land, plat of surveys (sometimes called boundary surveys) are performed. A Great Lakes Engineering surveyor will find and measure corner markers already on the land such as subdivision corners, pipes, and fence lines. After comparing the deed for the plot of land to the findings, the boundary will be determined.

Residential surveys are done when you need to confirm the property lines of your home and identify any underground features like wells and septic tanks. These surveys are extremely important for those looking to purchase a home or to refinance on your home.

Licensed Topographic Surveys & Elevation Certificates

When you have a new construction project or are looking to remodel, a topographic survey should be done. Topographic surveys provide a 3-D map of your property by scanning all natural features/elevations for dimensions like height, size, location, and changes in position. 

Great Lakes Engineering also provides Elevation Certificates. Elevation Certificates are used to determine flood insurance and prevent your property from future flood damage. Using the elevation data gathered in a survey, a licensed surveyor will document the form with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). An Elevation Certificate is required in areas with high flood risk, but it can also be used to lower flood insurance premiums in other areas.

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