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Long Beach

Expert Land Surveying in Long Beach, IN

Long Beach, IN, is a part of Michigan City and LaPorte County. Located along the southern tip of Lake Michigan, this coastal community is known for beautiful homes, quaint beach shops and sandy dunes. This small town makes a big impact, from Stockwell Woods to Little Giant Pizza. And as more people look to build homes and businesses here, Great Lakes Engineering provides the expert land surveying residents need. 

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Land Surveying on the Lake Michigan Shore

Why is land surveying so important in Long Beach? Because building on Lake Michigan poses unique challenges. Long Beach is a beautiful space but faces harsh, icy winters and eroding sand. In addition, the stunning views of Lake Michigan mean increased erosion and gusty winds during summer storms. Land surveying gives builders an understanding of soil, topography and property lines. With this knowledge, builders can create gorgeous, sound homes in Long Beach. 

Land Surveys for All Long Beach Projects

Great Lakes Engineering has served our Northwest Indiana community for over 20 years. We’re proud to provide expert land surveying. Our team is expertly trained and uses only the best technology. In addition, we offer an extensive list of survey services, including:

Residential Surveys
We conduct professional and accurate surveying for residential areas, homes or subdivisions. Residential surveys include assessing property lines, topography and underground structures.

Topographic Surveys
Topographic surveys assess the ground composition and terrain. Our surveyors use high-tech, industry-leading survey equipment to capture the landscape for your project.

Right-of-Way Surveys
Are you having a dispute with your neighbor? Not sure where your property ends and theirs begins? A right-of-way survey marks the boundaries of your property.

ALTA & NSPS Surveys
For new construction projects, we offer ALTA & NSPS surveys. These surveys use traditional imaging technology and a thorough review of records and information.

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