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Michigan City

Proudly Offering Land Surveys To The Community Of Michigan City, IN

Hidden on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, Michigan City, Indiana is a cozy beach town open to residents and tourists year round. Michigan City is a getaway destination for many Chicago natives looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a massive city. This welcoming town has so much to offer to business owners, residents, and visitors such as dozens of highly-rated local restaurants like Taverna Tonelli and Shoreline Brewery, Washington Park Beach, the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Blue Chip Casino and Hotel, and Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets. There is no shortage of activity for the honest people of Michigan City to enjoy. 

Located in Michigan City, GLE works alongside Great Lakes Engineering to provide land surveying for residential subdivisions, commercial sites, and planned developments so that unnecessary legal issues can be avoided, the buyer of a property can feel confident in their purchase, and helpful knowledge can be gained before a project begins. If you may be in need of service, contact us today.


Surveying is an important part of land development, as it can help planners and architects create accurate construction layouts and elevation certificates. A topographic survey is a basic type of land surveying that uses a set of triangulated instruments to measure elevations above sea level. Construction layout plans may require accurate measurements of distances between building sites, property boundaries, and utility lines. Surveyors use this data to produce a survey location report that includes information such as coordinates for each point surveyed, bearing and distance measurements, and notes about any obstructions or landmarks encountered during the survey process. Although development and construction are complicated and time consuming processes, the land surveying services offered by GLE are guaranteed to make it all easier.


Are you looking for reliable land surveying and civil engineering services? Look no further than GLE! Our team is composed of certified professionals with years of experience in the field. Contact us today by calling (219) 872-0679 to learn more about our list of services and what we can do for you!