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New Buffalo, Mi


Located at the mouth of the Galien River and on the border of Lake Michigan, you’ll find the beautiful city of New Buffalo, Michigan. With a population of just over 1,600, this Midwestern locale is calm and quiet during the winter and sunny and fun during the summer.

With a large, modern refuge harbor, an around-the-clock public boat launch, and a full service transient dock facility, this is the perfect destination for living the lake life. Just a short walk away from the lake, you’ll find lovely shops, delicious dining options, and plenty of opportunities to have a good time, not to mention some of the most beautiful lake houses on the market.

New Buffalo is also home to Southwestern Michigan’s first gambling casino, Four Winds Casino Resort & Silver Creek Event Center. You can hit the slot machines, play some cards, enjoy a drink, and check out a concert featuring your favorite musicians.

Residents and tourists can visit the New Buffalo Railroad Museum, explore Skip’s European Farmers Market during the warmer months, and hit up Redamak’s for one of the best cheeseburgers in the country.  Those are just some of the reasons New Buffalo was named one of 50 Best Places to Travel in 2022 according to Travel + Leisure magazine.

In order to keep New Buffalo thriving, the residents and businesses rely on GLE to scope out land for new residential, commercial, or industrial projects.

Based in Michigan City, Indiana, the professionals at GLE work hand-in-hand with the team at Great Lakes Engineering to give New Buffalo trusted land surveying services for residential subdivisions, commercial sites, and planned developments. Don’t let the hurdles of development projects get you down. GLE is here to lift you up and make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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RELY ON Great Lakes Engineering FOR LAND SURVEYING

Land surveying offers key information that will be helpful for planners and architects, which will be helpful for any kind of development project. With 17 years of experience working in Northwest Indiana, GLE will use high quality tools and technology to provide Southwest Michigan with the most accurate information for your development needs. 

Residential Surveying can assess property lines, topography and underground structures for homes and subdivisions. We’ve got that covered!

Topographic Surveys are completed with high-tech, industry-leading survey equipment in order to assess ground composition and terrain for your next project. Let us handle it!

A Right-of-Way Survey will determine where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins, whether you have a boundary dispute or want to build something new on your property. No need to upset your neighbors if you can avoid it!

Finally, before beginning any construction, let us complete American Land and Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Land Title Surveys. With imaging technology and a thorough review of records and information, GLE will identify property boundaries, easements, encroachments, improvements, local zoning information, and flood zone designations in order to help identify potential issues that may affect the value or future use of a property.


Call (219) 872-0679 to find out more about our services, and we can get started. We’ll do whatever it takes to begin your project with great care and attention to detail. Let us start you off on the right foot.