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Ogden Dunes

Regional Growth In Ogden Dunes with Great Lakes Engineering

Founded over 20 years ago, Great Lakes Engineering has been a driving force within the Ogden Dunes community. Contributing to the region’s growth and technological advancement. Specializing in land surveying and civil engineering, Great Lakes Engineering is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a spirit of innovation. Ogden Dunes is a small, welcoming town located in Porter County, Indiana. The town has evolved into a quiet retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape and a connection to nature. The town is known for its distinctive architecture and beach. Whether you’re relaxing by the water, or enjoying local cuisine at the Beach Cafe, many attractions are within walking distance. 

Basement and Parking Lot Safety with Great Lakes Engineering

Great Lakes Engineering understands the importance of flood control and stormwater management. With our strong background in designing storm and flood control systems, we create reliable solutions to keep your basement dry and parking lot accessible during heavy rain. It is important to have a reliable stormwater system in order to prevent flooding and erosion. These plans are critical components of urban planning and infrastructure development.  Our team of experts will guide you through every step of your personalized plan when you partner with our team. If you are in the planning phase of your next project, or want to know what your options are for updated solutions, contact Great Lakes Engineering today! 

Reliable Flood Control and Stormwater Management In Ogden Dunes, Indiana

Great Lakes Engineering knows your time is valuable which is why we offer reputable services when it comes to creating flood control and stormwater management plans. We understand the frustrations that come from flooding. We can ensure the preservation of any foundation with a customized control system. Contact us today to learn more about our services today!