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Civil Engineering and Land Surveying in Portage, IN

Portage, Indiana is home to many activities to do with family and friends such as hiking trails around Indiana State Dunes or Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk, catching a movie at Emagine Portage, or grabbing a bite to eat at restaurants like Tate’s Place and Big Time Burgers + Brew. For over 17 years, the people and businesses of Portage, IN have trusted Great Lakes Engineering to bring their visions to life through civil engineering and land surveying services.

civil engineering and land surveying in Portage

Commercial & Industrial Site Planning

Site planning for commercial and industrial projects can be an overwhelming process. That’s why Great Lakes Engineering takes the right steps to ensure the process is accurate, timely, and easy. GLE’s civil engineers will develop a true-to-scale site map to work from so that your vision stays true throughout the entire project. Whether your plan is a retail store, restaurant, warehouse, manufacturing facility, or something else, Great Lakes Engineering can assist you with the process.

What are ALTA Surveys?

The American Land and Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) set Land Title Survey Standards. These surveys are very detailed and cover numerous areas such as legal property description, land improvements, localities, property boundaries, and enrochments. While GLE will perform ALTA Surveys for any client, commercial or industrial businesses request them the most. Insurers, lenders, and clients all rely on ALTA Survey information when an industrial or commercial property is transferred. 

Types of Land Surveying Certificates

Elevation Certificates should be requested when you live in an area where risk of flooding is high; sometimes, they are required in areas extremely prone to flooding. These certificates document the location, lowest point of elevation, and other characteristics. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) uses Elevation Certificates to determine flood insurance policy details and pricing. 

When cities, towns, municipalities, INDOT, or the state are purchasing land from current landowners to improve upon or build new roads, they will need a Right-Of-Way Certificate. Right-Of-Way Certificates are detailed legal documents describing the land that the client wishes to purchase from current landowners. To acquire a Right-Of-Way Certificate, contact the professionals at Great Lakes Engineering.

road construction

Portage’s Preferred Civil Engineering & Land Surveying Firm

For nearly 20 years, Great Lakes Engineering has been providing civil engineering and land surveying services to Portage and the rest of Northwest Indiana. GLE’s licensed and certified engineers and surveyors can work on any project from a small residential home to a large roadway plan. Contact Great Lakes Engineering by contact form or by calling 219-762-3559 to bring your plan to life.