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Great Lakes Engineering Blog – Importance of Surveying

Why Should You Get a Land Survey?

Whether you are purchasing a home or you are involved in planning a subdivision development project, getting a land survey is crucial. Without a land survey, boundaries for the property won’t be established, and you could be building beyond the land’s limits, leading to issues with your neighbors and/or legal issues. While it may be tempting to use an old survey, it can be outdated and lacking detail about any changes or enhancements since the original survey was conducted. 

So, why are land surveys important?

importance of surveying

Benefits of Land Surveys

Some benefits of getting a land survey are:

  • Documenting Topographic Features
    •  When building a new construction project, whether residential or commercial, it is important to identify topographic features of the property. If a topographic survey is not conducted, you risk building on unstable land or land prone to flooding. Discovering these obstacles in the midst of construction means delays and a loss of money and resources. 
  • Establishing Definitive Boundaries
    • Without a current land survey, you could be building on property that is not yours. Crossing land boundaries, residential neighbor or commercial property, can lead to legal disputes and to you having to move structures on your property to fit within boundary lines. 
  • Identifying Crucial Construction Characteristics
    •  Before construction begins, it is important to know where any sewage, water, or power lines are. Without knowledge of where these are located, construction can be halted because of a struck pipe or line.
  • Determine Your Property’s Value
    • Property value is affected by many factors that a land survey can detail like: trees, buildings, waterways, and improvements. By having a defined list of these features, you can estimate your property’s worth. 

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