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When Is A Survey Needed?

It is a good idea to have a property surveyed:

  • When buying, selling, investing, or developing a property
  • If a boundary line location is unknown or unclear
  • Before improvements are made (i.e. buildings, fences, etc.)
  • To establish easements or right of way
  • When recommended by a lending institution
  • When dividing a tract of land

What Is The Purpose Of A Survey?

  • Knowledge
  • Gives the buyer confidence
  • Verify to the buyer the size and extent of the property
  • Avoids legal issues

Look no further for well-engineered, cost-effective, and on-time solutions for your land development projects. At Great Lakes Engineering in Portage, Indiana, we help you develop technical answers to your engineering challenges with land surveying serv​​ices. Expect nothing short of accuracy and timeliness when it comes to our work.

At Great Lakes Engineering, our land surveying services consist of platted surveys, survey location reports, construction layout, ATLA surveys, municipality surveys for right-of-way engineering.

Platted Survey

Before purchasing or improving a piece of land, you may want to have the licensed surveyors at GLE perform a plat survey.

ALTA Survey

An ALTA survey is an extensive survey that goes into heavy detail of the existing conditions of a piece of property.

Survey Location Report

When you need a survey location report to present to the bank, Great Lakes Engineering can get the job done.

Topographic Surveys

To get a 3-dimensional look of your property before you start building, a topographic survey is necessary.

Construction Layout

When construction companies need guidance of the property they are working on, they reach out to Great Lakes Engineering for a construction layout.

Elevation Certificates

If your property is considered high risk of flooding, you may need to obtain an elevation certificate.

Right Of Way Certificates

Great Lakes Engineering can provide right-of-way services for your next engineering project.

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