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Construction Layout

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What Is A Construction Layout?

At Great Lakes Engineering, construction layout is a very fast paced element that we offer. For the clients who request construction layout, they are usually developers or construction companies that need guidance when working on a jobsite. When these clients arrive at the piece of property they are working on, there is usually nothing that tells them the important details of where specific items are located. For example, the construction company would need a construction layout to tell them exactly where the road will be running through, or where the sewer and water lines are buried. 

With a construction layout, a professional at Great Lakes Engineering will set out a series of stakes to guide where these important markers need to be placed. On these stakes, they will be labeled to represent what they are marking the location of. After receiving the construction layout that also features the elevations of the lands, the construction companies will be able to come in with their equipment and efficiently build around these markers. 

To get started on a construction layout, reach out to the professionals at Great Lakes Engineering.

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boundary survey

Construction Staking

Construction staking involves laying out survey points on the ground as a guide for constructing site improvements based on plans prepared by design professionals. The different types of construction staking projects can range from single-family houses to commercial retail sites to subdivisions and utilities.