Plat of Survey (Boundary)

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What Is A Plat of Survey (Boundary)?

Before purchasing anything, it is always best to conduct proper research on the product or service to learn more. This recommended practice also stands when purchasing land. Whether it be for improvements on an existing plot or for a potential purchase for a new plot, a plat survey is essential to get pertinent information on the area of land you want to build on. Great Lakes Engineering uses a system to gather the features of geography, distances between points, and directions to mark the different boundaries. Once these are measured, we properly scale them to give an accurate map of the piece of land: a plat. Plat surveys are extremely useful for those who are considering purchasing a large parcel of land, such as a potential city subdivision or an area for farming.

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Licensed Surveyors for Plats of Survey

As licensed surveyors, Great Lakes Engineering has the experts to professionally conduct platted surveys. When you hire one of our surveyors to perform this survey, they will measure and identify a multitude of locations on the property. With the information you receive from the platted survey, you can determine your exact property boundaries. These surveys are useful in many instances and can even be compared to the property deed. In addition to the visual map that is precisely drawn out, you will also have a written description of the details that were recorded during the survey.

When you are in need of a platted survey, reach out to the professionals at Great Lakes Engineering.