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Right of Way Certificates

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What Is A Right-Of-Way Certificate?

Right-Of-Way Certificates are mainly provided to municipalities, the state, cities, towns, and INDOT. Right-Of-Way Certificates are written legal descriptions that describe the land that these clients are looking to purchase from the nearby land owners. These certificates are mainly centered around the right-of-way with local roads. When new roads are being constructed or an old road is being improved upon, they will have to purchase property from the adjacent landowners. 

Clients will reach out to Great Lakes Engineering for help to produce those documents. We will prepare plats that depict a picture of that property that’s going to be purchased from the land owners. It is our job in the legal process to create the document that these clients will need to get the land obtained.

To obtain a right-of-way certificate, reach out to the professionals at Great Lakes Engineering.

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