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Topographic Surveys

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What Is A Topographic Survey?

A topographic survey depicts the elevations of the tract. Elevations are taken at all key positions of the site in order to generate an accurate map of the tract showing contour elevation lines. A topographic survey is used for site planning in the design of new construction for buildings, roads, parking, and drainage. At Great Lakes Engineering, our trained surveyors will go to the site and map out the piece of property to get the exact elevations. With this 3-dimensional model of the property, the client will have exact measurements of hills, low spots, creek, etc. Since pictures of aerial shots are only 1-D or 2-D, topographic surveys are a useful tool for the engineers to know how to design the piece of property. For example, the 3-D element with these elevations can give knowledge to where the water is running, where the low spot is, and how they can design the spot.

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When Is A Topographic Survey Necessary?

Besides engineers who need to design the property, topographic surveys may be required as a part of real estate transactions, civil engineering design and construction projects, including:

  • New construction
  • Remodeling projects to existing structures
  • Utility design
  • Road or bridge design or improvements
  • Grading or drainage projects


If you are in need of a topographic survey, reach out to the professionals at Great Lakes Engineering.